New EP Howard's Hue

May 24, 2022


"Plastic Magazine" London, England EP Review 6/23/2022

"Entirely written, recorded and produced by AC Peer, his latest EP lays down his best sound so far with the artist pairing his vocals, keyboards and drums with his brother Austin Peer on guitar and longtime friend Dan Wuertz on bass. Throughout Howard’s Hue, AC Peer creates an immersive sonic journey full of complex stuttering beats fused with rhythmic instrumental lines wrapped up by his exceptional vocal delivery on a release that shows an artist at the very top of his game."

"The Wild Is Calling" Philadelphia, PA Blog EP Review 5/24/22

"AC Peer is a vibe.  The emotive soul singer captivates with their new EP Howard's Hue.  Setting the tone right out the gate with the infectious Two Burns, the artist immediately takes you to church.  The praise style vocal delivery brings blue eyed-soul with indie sensibility.  The collective vibe should please fans of Hozier, James Blake, and Sam Smith.  

  In the aura of early James Blake, AC Peer is refreshingly minimalistic on Lindenhurst.  Leaning on his finest qualities as a drummer and singer, a bass and keyboard comp the melody for his sticks and voice to navigate.  Leaving his voice raw and true, he trusts his pitch enough to make it all about the feel, channeling classic singers like Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder in delivery and affect. 

  The guitar is more present on the jamming Not Peer’s Morgan. A candid cheeky vocal delivery, paired with tasty guitar licks, conjures memories of Prince.  The play on words of the title reveals devilish intent, AC Peer’s not afraid of a good time.  The theatrical affection carries through on the dramatic Plug Me In.  The collective drama that is Howard’s Hue is meant to pull you out of your seat and into your emotion.  These emphatic cuts should Plug You In to your emotional conscience, as musical roadmaps to reconnect with your soulful side.  With swagger and conviction, AC Peer wills you to feel something.  Wrapped with indie R&B aesthetic, it could be the soundtrack for your next night of self discovery."

"Indie Chronique" French Blog EP Review 5/28/2022

(translated from original French)

"With summer's arrival in view, we needed a sweet new soundtrack. Filmmaker and musician AC Peer's "Howard's Hue" EP is the perfect choice. The 5 tracks will certainly warm your soul, with their sunny and sensual melodies, rich textures and instrumentation, tender gravelly vocals and subtle retro touches."

"Iggy Magazine" Paris, France Blog EP Review 5/26/22

(translated from original French)

"With a deep and touching voice, AC Peer takes us on a musical journey through his rock, jazz, hip hop, pop and cinematic influences. No doubt AC Peer is a beautiful musical encounter and a talented artist who has not finished impressing us."

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